Village Life in Rural Niger




Activity 1

Meeting the School Teacher - Life in the Village and Learning a Few Key Words

  • The learner will proceed to the School House. The local school house is always a good place to visit first for several reasons.  Often the local teacher will be a French or English speaker who has studied in the capital and has been exposed to people from other cultures and may therefore be a good first point of contact.
  • The school teacher is scripted to welcome the learner with the following message "Hello, I am the village school teacher. Welcome to our school."
  • The teacher also offers a notecard with background on Niger and rural village life.
  • While at the school, the learner should click on the board to a listing of a few important words, their english translation and their phonetic pronunciation.
  • The learner should click on the object next to each phrase. The object is scripted to provide an audio pronunciation of the word.
    Notecard Details:


Activity 2

Interacting with local children - learning appropriate and inappropriate gestures 

  • The learner will proceed inside the School House where local children would be.
  • The learner clicks on the cutout of local schoolchildren and gets a folder that can be saved which includes several gestures. Additionally, the folder includes a notecard explaining the appropriate and inappropriate use of the gestures. The learner should keep the notecard and add the gestures to their inventory. The learner should click on each of the new gestures in order to practice and be familiar with them.  
    Notecard Details:


Activity 3

Meeting the Village Women - Meal Customs

The primary audience for this simulation is adult, English-speaking volunteers who will be going to Niger in a volunteer, humanitarian capacity. They are not likely to be familiar with the local language, cultural traditions or lifestyle, and need to acquire a basic understanding and knowledge in these areas in order to be well received upon arrival in the village.

Notecard & Mortar and pestle notecard details:


Final Activity

Meeting the chief and testing your skills

  • Now that the learner has gathered information in all of the simulation areas, the learner should proceed to meeting with the chief. The chief is almost always located at the biggest family concession (walled group of huts) because he often has the most wives and the largest family.
  • Because this is a training situation for incoming volunteers for this program, skills will be informally assessed here prior to the learners going to in-country trainings and posting.
  • This interaction and assessment will be handled by the chief, who is a live avatar, prepared to take each of the learners through this final step.
  • Learners should click on the concession door to collect the notecard prior to engaging the village chief.
    Concession Door Notecard Detail:


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