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Susan lulee's Biography


Susan LuleeI was a secondary school teacher after I graduated from Chinese Literature and Language department at National Central University in Taiwan. My career track was switched to the field of computer software when personal computer became a tool for tutoring in 1987.

In the years of being an instructional software designer and later a product manager, I designed tens of CAI (computer-assisted instruction) and e-books for various K-12 subjects ranging from language, math, and science. Critical feedback came directly from end users and the market, making me learn about the effectiveness of particular instruction technology very quickly.

I took a step back from my diligent work four years ago and decided to give myself more time to reflect and advance my knowledge and skills. Since then, I enrolled in two certificate programs provided by Harvard Graduate Schools of Education (HGSE) and in University of Wisconsin-Madison. These studies gave me opportunities to reflect on my experiences in real life work and re-examine my post knowledge with emerging studies on learning and teaching, I have a new appreciation in the power of education in the learning environment of rapid technological changes and globalization trend.

At University of Wisconsin-Madison, through the lens of critical inquiry on distance education, I engaged in a comprehensive one-year professional study of the discipline. Courses taken from that program includes learning theories, instructional system design, program evaluation, and online group learning facilitation. Later, as I enrolled and learned at WIDE World program developed by Project Zero at HGSE, I further engaged in theories and practices on multiple intelligences, differentiated teaching, and the pedagogy of teaching for understanding (TfU). Due to my performance and enthusiasm, I was selected, educated, and has become an e-coach of the program.

With the passion of learning more about distance education, I registered in the master degree program at Educational Technology department of San Diego State University. During my master program, courses I have taken include distance education, learning theories, web development, simulation and games. I also had opportunities to learn and practice on research methods. I have conducted several research projects such as The Components of Syllabi and Assessing Teaching Presences in Instructional Computer Conferences. These projects reflect my growing awareness of the value of examining what have been done and how to avoid disadvantages in the future regarding technology and web-based learning.

My devotion for teaching and software designing since my early career has prepared me for the sophisticated challenges regarding emerging technology and education in both academic and corporate settings. I recognize that the way we use educational technology will affect the form, the content, and the efficacy of learning. I am happy to say that all my diligent work and study have accumulated to be a firm supporter for challenges I will meet in the future.