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Instructional Design Experiences


I have designed and took charge the development many instructional software. Here are partial of my work result.

As a chief editor, Susan and the team designed and created two CD dictionaries: My First Chinese Dictionary in 1996 and the Conventional Chinese Dictionary in 1998.

dictionary1Dictionaries on CD-ROM

My First Chinese Dictionary is designed for beginners of Chinese characters. With informative, educative and colorful pictures, beginners can learn the basic 2000 characters of Chinese. Every charcter is followed by sentences that explains the most popular usage of that character.

dictionary2Dictionaries on CD-ROM

The Conventional Chinese Dictionary is designed for advanced learners. The dictionary contains over 5000 basic Chinese characters and thousands of informative pictures. With many kinds of very convenient reading tools, learners are able to locate the characters they need just in one click. In the mean time, learners are easy to make cross references between characters.

FCFuture Classroom

Future Classroom for elementary school students was designed and constructed in 1996, the very early years of web-based learning.

animal1 Animal Encyclopedia

In 1997, I and the teams created a serial of CD titles named Mini Encyclopedia Of Animals. These multimedia CD titles depict how animals breed, live, parent, fight with enemies along with facinating animated stories. Thirty-two of the 100 script boards were developed into CD titles. 

LanguageCourseware Language/Math/Bio Learning Courseware

I had worked for software companies for many years. During those years while multimedia CD titles were the main solution for eLearning, I took charge in developing approximately 200 coursewares for grade K-12. The topics cover a wide range from language, mathematics, science, and social study. Here are few screen cuts for those works. 

MathCourseware BioCourseware




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