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Susan LuleeThank you for taking time to visit my ePortfolio web site!

I was a high school teacher soon after I graduated from the university. Since then, education and technology have been the major elements of my career. I taught high school and junior high school students for couple years then I got an opportunity to work for an instructional software development company as the subject matter expert and then the instructional software designer. I like to teach and I like to use technology to help people learn.

When I stepped down from the high pressure working position a few years ago, I grasped a learning opportunity that opened my eyes to recognize the value of web-based distance education. I found that I enjoyed being a distance student and I felt that if I had the domain knowledge on distance education and educational technology, I might be able to better leverage the strength of technology than other non tech savvy instructors because I have worked in that field for seventeen years. When I learned about the EDTEC program, I immediately applied for admission to the program.

Now, I am about to graduate from the master program. I will continue working as an online teacher. I will also look for opportunities to participate in academic research projects. Thanks to EDTEC I am able to use the knowledge and skills that I have gained from the program to help people learn with less geographic and financial constraints. I have made changes in knowledge, skills and affection. The program has provided me profound knowledge and skills to work in the field I love and has helped me to know where to move forward from here.

This ePortfolio web site is part of the requirements for graduation from Educational Technology master degree program at San Diego State University. In this web site, I present the projects that I have completed during the program, and reflect on how I have gone through the process and what I have learned from the experiences. The diagram on the right shows the courses that I have taken from EDTEC, major projects completed, and the connection between the artifacts and EDTEC standards as well as miscellaneous contents included in this web site. The Standard Matrix menu on the left hand side of the screen will lead you to eight artifacts that I would like to highlight. If you are interested in knowing all the assignments that I have completed during my master degree program, please clickhere.



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