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Beta Usability test report

Working title: Designing Multimedia Courseware for Language Learning
Report Author: Susan Lulee
Date: Dec. 2, 2006

Brief Profile of Users:
Two groups of users participated in beta test. Group One was formed by the same three users of alpha test; Group Two was formed by three new users who have never seen the web site before. All users have basic skills for accessing internet.

Think Aloud Task:
Group One worked from distance as they did for alpha test.
Group Two worked on site. After briefly introducing the context of the web site, Group Two users tested the web site with computers I prepared for them, MS Windows and IE 6.0 browser. They comment on how they felt loud. I took note during the process. Finally, Group Two users submitted brief lists of their opinions to me before they left the test site.

Summary of Think Aloud
Group One users checked each section quickly. This time, they got into Discussion Forum smoothly with no problem. All three of them said the appearance improved a lot. I knew it's mainly because that they were asked to use Internet Explorer only. Web pages look better in IE. The font size and spacing look more professional than they do in Firefox.
Although Group Two users took longer time to complete browsing the web site they were able to survey through every page without any difficulty. Two of them were confused about the exact function of WIKI and were not sure how to use WIKIWord even with the help of Online document.

Summary of Posttest Interview
Discussions after test shows that user satisfaction level were higher than the level in alpha test. They think the course could work well in real setting. However, although they thought it's interesting to experience multiple technologies, they said it would be better to use single platform instead of two: regular web page and ATutor. One user found one broken link and suggested adding site map for the web site in the future. Another user suggested that students' work or discussion conclusions should be shared in public on course web site. They also suggested that when there were external links for downloading documents, it's better to let users know the document size in advance.

Findings to be Implemented
As a result of the beta test, I will make the following changes:

      1. Correct the broken link and add precise description for images.
      2. Reword the description of the contents and use more images to explain the meaning.
      3. Add document size to all external links for downloading.


Findings that will not be Implemented
Due to time limitation, following findings will not be implemented during EDTEC541 course.

      1. While adding more module contents to the web site, I consider adding site map as a supplement to navigation.
      2. I think about creating a new space or frame for aggregating students' blog, WIKI and bookmarks so that all participants can share their finding effectively and in real time.
      3. Shifting entire courseware to learning management system.


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