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Welcome to Designing Multimedia Courseware for Language Learning. In this course you will

      1. Understand and list the characteristics of designing multimedia courseware for language course.
      2. Understand the methodology and be able to analyze, design, development, implement, and evaluation multimedia courseware for language learning.
      3. By experiencing ADDIE process, explore the design guidelines, principles, exemplary presentation techniques, and development tools together.
      4. Understand how to further develop and research on the topics.

Although the course covers web-based educational multimedia Web sites, the main focus will be on CD-based courseware. We will discuss a range of topics covering from audience and content analysis, general and detailed design, development management, courseware implementation and evaluation. In order to have a hand on experience, you will be requested to choose a topic and work on it while theoretical issues are discussing along the whole semester.

This website serves as a course website that provides you supplementary learning resources and thoughtful discussion topics. The website also serves as a checklist for assignments and learning activities that you are required to participate and submit outcomes.

Check the prerequisites

To join the course you shall ask yourself the questions:

      1. Am I ready for online study? Readiness Check
      2. Do I have enough computer skills for attending the course? Computer Skill Check
      3. Can I find equipments for online study? Check the table on the page

Join the Forum

You will be led to a discussion Forum which is built on another web space. (Click on "Enter Course" in the top-right corner of the box area. After entering the course home page, click on Enroll Me" on the top-right corner of the new screen. You'll need to register to Atutor and login with your ID and password. More details)

      1. Click on the leading for current module then
      2. You will be able to keyin your opinions in a text box shows on the screen. When you finish typing,
      3. Click on SAVE button beneath text box.

You will want to be very careful following common netiquette to keep our discussion productive and reduce wild horse messaging and rude arguments.




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