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EDTEC 561, SDSU, Spring 2007  
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Prototype Usability Test & Report
- Web Page for Encyclopedia of Educational Technology -

Working title: Online Group Learning – Multimedia Web Article for Encyclopedia of Educational Technology
Report Author: Susan Lulee
Date: August 10, 2007

Brief Profile of Users: Three testers participated in the test separately. All three of them have more or less experience in taking online courses from distance. Two of them are planning to teach online in near future.

Think Aloud task
Testers were asked to browse through and read at least two articles of Encyclopedia of Educational Technology. After the testers had the general idea about EET, they read the EET Style Guide and then began the test.
The tester read the article “Online Group Learning” and spoke out their observations while I observed tester’s react and take notes during the process.

Summary of Think Aloud
Testers could understand the EET article well. They like the diagrams because the diagrams save their time for interpreting and catching the main concepts of the article.
One tester found the typesetting error in first paragraph; another tester suggested re-formatting of the table; and the other tester provided a nice resource for dealing with disagreement occurred during group discussion.

Summary of Posttest
All testers suggested that more information and reference web links are necessary. They also think the diagrams should be able to zoom in so that the text could present more clearly.

Findings to be Implemented
As a result of the test, I will make the following changes:

Opinions in Usability Test

Planned Action

Error formatting in leading paragraph

Change the leading sentence to the correct paragraph style

Diagram should be able to be enlarged when users feel necessary

Add the feature to the diagram

Add more good reference materials

Add only one great resource

Delete “Reference” section

Delete the section

Modify “Footnote” sentence

Re-write Footnote

One missing paragraph space in the last section

Add paragraph spacing

Make the table colorful and readjust the text spacing in cells

Add light color to the table but do not change CSS Style

Findings that will not be Implemented

  • Due to the word limitation of EET style guide, I cannot add more reference to my article.
  • Since I have no control over EET, I cannot add cross-references to my EET.