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EDTEC 561, SDSU, Spring 2007  
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This video serves as the preamble for the 14-unit distance learning course, Teaching with Technology.



In 1997, management guru Peter Drucker predicted that in 30 years the big university campus would be covered by information technology and would face the competition from alternative education systems made possible by information technology. As Druker's prediction is realizing today, learning how to leverage the advantage of technology in teaching has become the essential competency nowadays.


This course provides a pedagogical framework base on Teaching for Understanding perspective. The purpose is to help teachers constructing a general methodology that can be applied to various subjects teaching.

How it worked

This course provides a web-based learning environment. Besides reading, debating, and reflection, learners will have many opportunities to practice on workable context-based assignments indivisually and collaboratively in small groups.


By the end of the course, learners will understand the complexity and various uses of computer related technologies for instruction. More important, learners will understand what education guru David Perkins said, "To play a basketball game, you have to have a ball, but it's really about what you do with the ball.... what I want to see is the game, not just the ball. ... If there's no game, there's no understanding." If there is only technology, there's no learning.


The video opens on a image of university campus where students are reading and discussing as light music playing behind the scene. Few seconds later, an animated graphic overlay indicates computer popularity as the narrator quoting Drucker's prediction.

A new graphic shows instructors teaching in the classroom then over the Internet with technology. Different teaching setting shows in turn while narrative describes different kinds of teaching.

A diagram draws the structure of this course while narrative describes how it works.

One graphic shows a ball and a group of stand still players then trasforms to a new graphic that shows players in a basketball game, Before the end of the video, the graphic transforms to learners study engagely with computers through network.