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EDTEC 561, SDSU, Spring 2007  
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Multimedia Tools Practice 1
Flash Learning Interaction

This example was created using Flash 8 quiz template. The processes of using the this template are,

  • Play the template to see how the final work will act.
  • Follow the tutorial guide and examine each frame of the template. Try to figure out how each feature works out: where is the background graphics; how to define the parameter; and etc.
  • Replace texts, graphics, and images.
  • Change parameters to meet new requirements.
  • Test play each frame to see if it will work as expected. If it's not, try to adjust the parameters or change texts and graphics.
  • For debugging, compare new quiz with original template carefully.
  • If necessary, read script language in Action to understand how the features were activated.

For a non-programmer, using a quiz template requires lots of try and error.