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EDTEC 561, SDSU, Spring 2007  
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Segment 1: Overview



(XLS) An image of university campus. Caption shows the course title and name of the author.
(MS) Teacher teaching with blackboard
(MLS) students are reading and discussing face to face (overlaying former image) 
(LS) Computer used by students and teacher teaches in a computer facilitated classroom (three images)

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(VO)Today, big university campus has been covered by information technology. In many research universities, up to 50% of the courses were shifted from traditional classroom teaching to online distance education. Colleges, universities, even K-12 schools are forced to face the competition from alternative education systems made possible by information technology. As a consequence, learning how to leverage the advantage of technology in teaching has become the essential competency for instructors. According to the National Educational Technology Standard, every qualified instructor should have fundamental concepts, knowledge, skills, and attitudes for applying technology in educational settings.

A student is studying in front of a PC. Web cam light is flashing.

(VO) This course, Teaching with Technology, provides a web-based learning environment.

(VO) You’ll assess the course content from distance through the Internet and interact with your peers and instructor.

A diagram shows the course structure.

Diagrams slide showing main questions answered by this course.

(VO) This course try to answer your questions about ‘What technology can do for teaching?’; ‘How to plan curriculum that use technology to teach?’; ‘What is the framework for course design’; and ‘what are common questions raised when applying technology?’ most of all, ‘What is the framework for course design?’

Another student communicate with former student through computer. Computer screen shows sample course pages.

(VO) During the course, you’ll have many opportunities to practice on workable, context-based assignments; you’ll also design your own course units. Most of the time, you’ll work individually or in small groups with your fellow students.

(VO) You will be evaluated on multiple performances in multiple methods.

(VO) Many nice tools and case studies will be introduced for your reference.

(VO) If you are not comfortable with technology, I suggest that you start with technology tutorials before the class.

Image of campus.

(VO) Welcome to explore the secret of teaching with technolgy. Enjoy the course!

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