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EDTEC 561, SDSU, Spring 2007  
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Storyboard - 1 2 3 4


Scene 1 Shot 1  

Video Direction

Actor & Lines

  1. (XLS) A image of university campus, Texts show the course title and name of the author.
  2. (Transition: 5 images cut in by turns; size: smaller than former image; position: on top of former image; partially overlay the background campus.)
    Five images fade in andfade out by turns
    (MS) Teacher teaching with blackboard
    (MLS) students are reading and discussing face to face 
    (LS) Computer used by students. (two images)
    (LS) Teacher teaches in a computer facilitated classroom
  1. (Background music, light and delightful)

  2. Today, big university campus has been covered by information technology. (6.5’) In many research universities, up to 50% of the courses were shifted from traditional classroom teaching to online distance education. (11’) Colleges, universities, even K-12 schools are forced to face the competition from alternative education systems made possible by information technology. (12.4’) As a consequence, learning how to leverage the advantage of technology in teaching has become the essential competency for instructors. (10.9’) According to the National Educational Technology Standard, every qualified instructor should have fundamental concepts, knowledge, skills, and attitudes for applying technology in educational settings. (16’)